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We enjoy the art of making good products. We mean those products which defines itself to be sustainable, uniquely designed, handcrafted, eco-friendly and assured with quality. So it feels great to associate with brands that appreciate and feel the same goodness.

Once we collaborate, an exclusive range of limited edition collection will be made for your brand. It's a creative space that we create.

Kandhi X 8finity

A homegrown sustainable brand called 8finity is well renowned for upcycling waste materials into limited-edition and classy collections. To make items that are fashionable and environmentally friendly, they recycle natural and upcycled materials. They use the expertise of talented women craftsmen from underprivileged places to produce eco-friendly goods. Kandhi was built on the idea that sustainability extends beyond environmental friendliness. We value awareness, mindfulness, and responsibility. A distinctive line of statement hand-crafted accessory items that are both fashionable and sustainable has been created from plant-based and next-generation materials. Our similar concept of producing classic looks for ethical fashion buyers is what brought us together. The collection of Kandhi x 8finity combines natural, mindful, and sustainable alternatives. They are stylish, minimalistic, and a great accent to any traditional wardrobe.

So just drop in a message and our team will get in touch with you!

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