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What We Use


Cork is an innovative addition to jute tote bag manufacturing, offering a unique blend of sustainability and functionality. Cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, making it a renewable resource that doesn’t harm the trees. When combined with jute, a natural fiber, cork enhances the tote bags’ durability and aesthetic appeal. This blend results in eco-friendly products that are both lightweight and sturdy. Cork’s water-resistant properties also add to the bag’s practicality. Integrating cork with jute in tote bag manufacturing creates a versatile, sustainable option for eco-conscious consumers.


Hemp is becoming a popular material in the manufacturing of jute tote bags due to its numerous benefits. It’s an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative, known for its durability and strength. Integrating hemp fibers with jute enhances the tote bags’ sturdiness and lifespan. Hemp is also biodegradable and requires fewer resources to grow compared to traditional crops like cotton, making it an environmentally responsible choice. The combination of hemp and jute in tote bag manufacturing not only promotes sustainability but also provides consumers with a high-quality, long-lasting product that’s perfect for everyday use.

Washed Jute

All our products have been crafted carefully using premium quality washed jute. We believe in using sustainable alternatives and complying with the most rigorous environmental standards and quality. When the world’s going cruelty-free, why not us? The eco-friendly and handcrafted bags of Kandhi will let you walk in style when you may rest assured that our materials are 100% environmental- friendly.


Using high-quality premium leather goods, our store brings you classy utilitarian products to help you organize your everyday lifestyle. We are aware of what it takes to manufacture high-quality leather goods. At Kandhi, we aim to offer premium leather items of the highest caliber that will last a long time.
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Meet Our Artisans

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Meet our talented artisans whose role in making our brand successful is tremendous. With an experience of more than a decade in handcrafting industries, they have equally strived hard to achieve the best for us. Our extremely talented karigars, with their precision, skills, vision, artistry and, most importantly, commitment, has proved again that handicrafts are once again a rising trend. The artisans take pride in their carefully designed and detailed work. Time and time again, they have proved that handmade items made by them are always pure, durable and irreplaceable. All these qualities shine through in our offerings.

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